Chloe Streeter

Leading Instructor and Industry Innovator at The Ocean Corporation

Chloe Streeter’s journey in the field of commercial diving and marine biology is a testament to her passion for underwater exploration and her commitment to safety and education. As an instructor at The Ocean Corporation, Chloe brings an extensive background with over 16 years in commercial diving, accumulating more than 10,000 dive hours, and a deep commitment to developing the next generation of divers.

Early Career and Educational Background

Chloe began her diving career in 2008, working for the Houston Aquarium as a tank cleaner and in-water feeder, which piqued her interest in furthering her diving capabilities. She attended The Ocean Corporation in 2011, graduating in 2012 at the top of her class, a testament to her dedication and skill. Chloe’s educational pursuits didn’t stop there; she continued to enhance her knowledge, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Houston and an Associate’s in Life Science from San Jacinto Community College.

Distinguished Contributions and Experience

Chloe’s career is highlighted by her significant role as a Dive Supervisor at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory from 2012 to 2016, where she was responsible for the safety and training of astronauts and over 40 divers. Her work included rigging safety and overseeing daily dive operations, which underscored her expertise in dive operation development and safety protocols. Additionally, Chloe’s experience extends internationally; she was involved in the Great White Project in South Africa, where she conducted research and conservation work with great white sharks and African penguins.

Teaching Philosophy and Classroom Engagement

Transitioning from industry practice to education, Chloe was driven by her desire to influence and mentor upcoming divers. “I wanted to help grow the next generation of leaders in the dive industry,” she states, reflecting her commitment to teaching and leadership. In her classroom, Chloe fosters an engaging and inclusive learning environment, emphasizing the importance of safety and hands-on experience. She utilizes her diverse background to enrich her teaching, incorporating real-life scenarios and current industry standards to prepare her students for successful careers in commercial diving.

Innovations and Personal Interests

Chloe is not only focused on traditional educational methods but is also keen on integrating innovative teaching techniques, including games and interactive learning, to cater to various learning styles. Her personal interests, such as scuba diving, art, and CrossFit, influence her energetic teaching style and her approach to student engagement, making her classes dynamic and informative.

Chloe Streeter’s role at The Ocean Corporation transcends her position as an instructor; she is a mentor, a safety advocate, and an innovator. Her extensive experience and dedication to education and safety in the diving industry make her an invaluable asset not only to her students but also to the broader diving community.