Commercial Diving is the #6 fastest growing career in the US!

Ninety percent of all Commercial diving billable hours are worked in the Gulf of Mexico!

Commercial Diver changing out anode.

Commercial Diver performing a visual inspection.

Commercial Diver performing a visual inspection.



  • Offshore Oilfield Diving Operations
  • Inland Diving Operations
  • Surface and Underwater Welding and Cutting
  • Mixed-Gas and Lock-Out Diving
  • Recompression Chamber Operations
  • Nuclear/Contaminated Environment Diving
  • Rigging Certification
  • Hazardous Environment Intervention
  • Offshore Survival and Safety
  • Underwater Nondestructive Testing
  • MT & UT Level I & II


Offshore Safety and Survival Training

TOC students at offshore safety and survival training at the Texas City Natatorium.

Working With Lift Bags

TOC student working with lift bags to position a heavy pipe for flange assembly.

Zero Visibility Training

Zero visibility training is a required part of the Ultimate Diver program.

Operating A Decompression Chamber

TOC student operating a decompression chamber while his Instructor supervises.

Water Commercial Dives

TOC students gather for a picture at the Texas A&M facility where they perform open water commercial dives.

Offshore Safety And Survival Training

TOC students at offshore safety and survival training at the Texas City natatorium.

Board The Safety Craft

TOC students at offshore safety and survival training in Texas City learning the proper way to board the safety craft.

Topside and Underwater Welding

Both topside and underwater welding are included in the Ultimate Diver Program.

open water dive

TOC students entering the water for an open water dive.

open water commercial dive

Ocean Corp student entering the water at an open water commercial dive in Galveston Texas.

Open Water Dives Photo

TOC students and their instructor take a moment to pose for a photo at their week long open water dives at the Texas A&M campus in Galveston Texas.

Desco Dive Hat

TOC student diving a Desco dive hat while entering the water to perform a flange assembly.

Ocean Corp Instructor

Ocean Corp Instructor observing student tending a diver in open water dives in Galveston Texas.

Working With Lift Bags

TOC students working with lift bags at 288 lake as part of open with training.

Student's Communication

TOC student communicating with another student who is conducting a training dive in Galveston Texas.

Helicopter Crash Egress Training

Helicopter crash egress training at offshore safety and survival in Texas city.

Open Water Diving

Open water diving in Galveston Texas by a TOC student. One of several locations TOC students dive while in school.

Commercial Diver Working

Commercial diver working on a storm drain.

Working Inside a Nuclear Power Plant

Commercial diver working inside a nuclear power plant. The Ocean Corporation performed the first nuclear dive in a US nuclear power plant.

Working on a Dam

Commercial diver working on a dam. One of the many types of work commercial divers do.

Storm Drainage Area

Commercial diver being lowered into a storm drainage area to do some serious hazmat diving. Hazmat diving is also included in the UDT program.

Hazmat Diving

Hazmat diving does not get any better than this.

Super Project Assembling

TOC students work together on the super project assembling a riser clamp

Inland Commercial Divers

Inland commercial divers work in water towers all over the world.

Piloting ROVs

Piloting ROVs or remotely operated vehicles is part of the Ultimate diver-training program.

Advancent Based on Performamce

Advancement in Commercial Diving is based on personal performance. Divers who do their jobs well have potential to move ahead fast. The people you will work for in this field are divers themselves. They do not care where you came from or how new you are to diving — only that you do a good job.

Since 1969

In an industry where individual performance really matters, you’ll be thankful for the in–depth, comprehensive training you receive from Ocean Corp’s Ultimate Diver Training. It’s important to remember, we have been in this business since 1969 and we know what it takes to get ahead in this industry – that’s what we will pass on to you.

Within 300 Miles

The majority of commercial diving done in the world is done in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the very reason why The Ocean Corporation chose to locate its training facilities in Houston, Texas way back in 1969. Many major commercial diving
companies are located within 300 miles of our front door!.

Exciting Employment Opportunities

Houston is the place to be for those wanting to work offshore. Commercial divers are vital to offshore production. They build the oil platforms and pipelines deep below the ocean surface. They also perform all aspects of subsurface inspections and repairs on these structures.

Inland Diving

Many Ocean Corp graduates choose to work offshore but, there is a wide variety of diving opportunities available inland for trained commercial divers as well. Divers routinely perform inspections, repairs and support services for a variety
of inland diving projects including: Nuclear Plants, Bridges, Municipal Waste Water Facilities, Dams, Ship Harbors, Ports, Water Towers, Resorts and Cruise Lines, Aquariums, And many more!