Donald W. Fast – Lead Instructor

Don has over 25 years experience in the diving and the NDT nuclear inspection fields, and is the most tenured instructor at The Ocean Corporation. He has inspected oil and gas structures from the Gulf of Mexico to the Chin San Nuclear Plant in the Republic of China. He has guest lectured on underwater NDT to various professional organizations; in 1990, Don was invited to USSR Academy of Sciences to give a lecture on American Nondestructive Testing procedures. He is currently a member of the British Institute of Nondestructive Testing (BINDT) Underwater Nondestructive Testing Working Group. He is a member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) America’s deepwater sub–committee. It was through Don’s diligent work that The Ocean Corporation was the first dive school in the United States to issue the IMCA surface supplied diver and bell diver certification cards.

Don is a guiding force in the development of international diver training standards through his membership in the International Dive Schools Association (IDSA). Don’s certifications include: Basic Scuba Diver; Advanced Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver, & Divemaster; Scuba Instructor (NAUI); Scuba Instructor (PADI); Scuba Instructor Trainer (NAUI); Association of Diving Contractors International Surface Supplied Diver, Nondestructive Testing (NDT) (consists of Ultrasonic Level I & II, Liquid Penetrant Level I & II, and Magnetic Particle Level I & II); Visual Welding Inspection (NDT); Underwater Still & Video Photography (NDT); Radiographic Film Interpretation (NDT); Eddie Current Level I & II; Advanced Ultrasonic Flaw Sizing (NDT); Offshore Safety & Survival (Texas A&M University); Level III UT, MT, PT, ASNT; Hazardous Materials Training, Ecological Safety Services.


Kirk MacLean

Kirk has been a PADI certified diver for more than 35 years. He earned an Associate Degree in Water Utilities Operations from New Mexico State University in 1980. Kirk spent 16 years in municipal utilities operations and holds utility operators certifications in both New Mexico and Texas.

An accomplished diver, Kirk obtained his Advanced (NAUI), Rescue (NAUI/PADI) and Divemaster (NAUI/PADI) certifications in 1985 and became a NAUI Instructor/Trainer in 1989; in 2009 he received his NAUI recognition pin for 20 years of service. Kirk became a YMCA Silver and SLAM Instructor in 1996 and a YMCA Instructor Trainer/DAN O2 Instructor in 1998, and in the same time frame served as the State Coordinator for Texas for the YMCA Scuba Program. Highlights of Kirk’s diving career include: 11 years of high altitude diving, Great Lakes shipwrecks and Caribbean dives. Kirk is an avid underwater photographer and videographer.


Gary Tiedt

Gary is a 1993 alumnus of The Ocean Corporation who joined the staff as an instructor in May of 2002. He is a certified NAUI Scuba Diver with more than twelve years of experience in Deep Air, Mixed Gas, Salvage, Underwater Construction and NDT Inspection.

He has worked for various employers including Subsea International, the U.S. Army (inspecting for stress cracks on helicopter airframes) and several dive companies in the greater Houston area.


Steve McGowne

Steve is a 1987 graduate of The Ocean Corporation. He has employed his skills as a nondestructive tester around the world before returning to join the instruction staff in 2005.

He has experience with all phases of inspection, including project management. Steve has worked in the aerospace and construction industries, as well as the petro chemical and power industry. His areas of expertise include several client–specific NDT requirements, in addition to MT, PT, UT, VT, AE, RT and ET. He has provided NDT instruction and training on four continents, and is the 2010 Career Colleges and Schools of Texas (CCST) “Teacher of the Year”.


Bruce Hager

Bruce is a March 1983 alumnus of The Ocean Corporation who joined the staff as an instructor in March of 2007. Bruce holds certifications in Commercial Diver Training, Level II Magnetic Particle and Level II Ultrasonic NDT Inspection methods.

He is a certified First Responder, Operations Level Technician for HAZMAT Response Teams. Bruce has made hundreds of safe dives, both inland and in the Gulf of Mexico.


Carlo Jimenez

Carlo is a 1995 graduate of The Ocean Corporation. He learned of The Ocean Corporation while working in South Padre as an inland commercial tender/diver and NAUI Dive Master. After graduating he spent his time both domestically and internationally advancing through the ranks effectively attaining the level of ADCI Mixed Gas Diving Supervisor.

Carlo is proficient in all aspects of surface supplied commercial diving. He has performed archaeological (Denbigh’s connecting rod from 1862), contaminated, shallow air, deep air, hyperbaric welding, and deep mixed gas diving. His field experience includes a variety of construction, inspection, and salvage projects. Additionally, Carlo has held management positions in Estimating, Procurement Projects, and Project Engineering, at various Diving, Barge, and EPCI (Engineering Procurement Construction Installation) companies. He has worked from or managed the following types of vessels: 4-Point DSV (dive support vessel), DPII (dynamic positioning) DSV, Jack-up Rig, Lift Boat, Derrick Barge, Pipe Laying Barge, 8-Point Deep Water Intervention Barge, and Jacket Launch Barge. Carlo is fluent in English and Spanish. He joined The Ocean Corporation in June 2016 as an instructor bringing significant expertise from the Subsea and NDT Industries.


Terriashay Hall

Courses Tought
Liquid Penetrant Level I and II, Magnetic Particle Level I and II, Ultrasonic Level I and II, Eddy Current Level I and Level II



John Chandler

Courses Tought

Basic Diving and Tending, Mixed Gas Diving, Deep Air and Mixed Gas Super Projects, Decompression and Treatments, Diving Physics, Saturation and Bell Diving, Surface and Underwater Welding, and Rigging, First Aid, First Aid Practical, CPR, CPR Practical.


John was a graduate of the Ocean Corp. in 1993 and has 25 years of continuous, extensive experience in heavy subsurface construction, salvage operations, pipeline installation and removals, platform removals and installation, installation of subsea assemblies, hot taps, subsurface and topside welding and cutting, explosive ordinance, Levels 2 and 3 inspection of offshore platforms, and hazmat diving in both the offshore and inland diving industries. John as well, possesses extensive experience in ship’s husbandry (inspection and repair) of multiple class of ocean-going vessels and drilling rigs. John delivers to his students an exponentially diverse, and readily field-employable knowledge regarding professional diving and salvage. In the course of his 25 years of gained experience, John has held many positions in the commercial diving industry. Most remarkably are those ranging from Class I Diver, Saturation Technician, Saturation Diver, Deep Air and Mixed Gas Diving Supervisor, unto his most recent position of Diving Superintendent of a 600 ton class anchor diving vessel (deep ocean-going ship). Not limited to only offshore diving and specialized trade personnel management skills, John also has extensive, proven experience in subsurface marine project management, cost and estimating of offshore and inland major diving projects, and team development and leadership. Bringing with him his passion for deep sea diving, mentorship of those possessing strong talent for professional diving, and specialized skill set development for the new breed of offshore diver, John returned to the Ocean Corporation as an Instructor in September of 2017.


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