John Wood


John Wood has been the influential President and Principal Owner of The Ocean Corporation since 1989, driving the institution toward excellence in vocational education for over three decades. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston and further training from Rice University’s Management Program, John has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to education. His dedication was recognized in 2019 with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Career Colleges and Schools of Texas (CCST). John has held significant roles including past board member and chair of CCST and the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation’s Lender/School Advisory Board. He is also involved with the Texas Association of Business and the International Marine Contractors Association, emphasizing his commitment to industry standards in diving education. As former President of the Association of Commercial Diving Educators, John has significantly influenced commercial diving education. His leadership philosophy aligns closely with The Ocean Corporation’s mission, emphasizing education that empowers student success, a principle reflected in his personal and professional life.

Bruce Hager

Bruce Hager, a seasoned instructor and March 1983 alumnus of The Ocean Corporation, epitomizes dedication and expertise in commercial diving and NDT. Since joining the faculty in 2007, Bruce has leveraged his extensive certifications and experience—from thrilling treasure dives in the Gulf of Mexico to high-stakes HAZMAT operations—to educate and inspire the next generation of divers. With a teaching philosophy that balances direct instruction on safety with making learning enjoyable, Bruce aims to ensure every student not only graduates but thrives in their chosen field. Passionate about incorporating new technologies like ROVs and drones into his curriculum, Bruce is committed to preparing his students for the evolving challenges of the industry, all while fostering a classroom environment that is both positive and engaging.

Chloe Streeter

Chloe Streeter’s journey in the field of commercial diving and marine biology is a testament to her passion for underwater exploration and her commitment to safety and education. As an instructor at The Ocean Corporation, Chloe brings an extensive background with over 16 years in commercial diving, accumulating more than 10,000 dive hours, and a deep commitment to developing the next generation of divers.

Devon Crosby

Devon Crosby’s meteoric rise from a skilled diver to a senior project manager at Oceaneering International Inc., and now an inspiring instructor at The Ocean Corporation, epitomizes exceptional career growth and a deep commitment to safety and professionalism. His journey, marked by overseeing high-stakes offshore projects with a keen focus on safety and operational excellence, highlights his adeptness in navigating the complex challenges of the commercial diving industry. Transitioning into education, Devon leverages his rich industry experience to provide hands-on learning and real-world insights, preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving field. His story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, mentorship, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge, making him a pivotal figure in shaping the future professionals of the commercial diving and welding industry.

Gary Tiedt

Gary Tiedt is a seasoned instructor at The Ocean Corporation, where he has been shaping the futures of diving and NDT professionals since 2002. As an alumnus from the class of 1993, Gary brings over twelve years of extensive experience in deep air, mixed gas diving, salvage, underwater construction, and NDT inspection, having worked with notable employers, including Subsea International and the U.S. Army. Known for his practical and engaging teaching style, Gary is committed to providing education that emphasizes safety, hands-on skills, and critical thinking. He holds a “Certified Higher Education Professional Excellence in Training” designation from NASASPS, underscoring his dedication to high-quality training. Gary’s approach to teaching is greatly enhanced by his continuous professional development, ensuring that his curriculum remains relevant to the ever-evolving demands of the diving industry. His role at The Ocean Corporation extends beyond instruction, as he serves as a mentor and a key advocate for industry standards and professional growth.

George White

George White, a seasoned Nondestructive Testing (NDT) expert with over 15 years of industry experience, now serves as an esteemed instructor at The Ocean Corporation. Beginning his career in the dynamic oil and gas sector, George was deeply influenced by his early fascination with the technological aspects of NDT. His extensive background includes working as a third-party inspector with major companies like Noble Energy and McDermott International, where he performed critical inspections and ensured the quality of equipment for offshore drilling operations. Transitioning into education was driven by his desire to give back to the community and continually sharpen his skills. In the classroom, George emphasizes thorough understanding and practical application of NDT principles, preparing students for future challenges with the latest technological advancements like PAUT and UT shear wave. His personal interests in travel, fitness, and self-improvement enrich his teaching, bringing a balanced and enthusiastic approach to educating the next generation of NDT professionals.

Heather Roussere

Heather Roussere, the Dean at The Ocean Corporation, epitomizes the transformative power of education and dedication in the trades industry. With a career spanning from a hands-on combo welder to an award-winning Certified Welding Inspector and instructor, Heather’s journey is a testament to overcoming the “fear of being average” and achieving excellence. Her passion for teaching and changing lives is evident in her approach—tailoring her style to meet each student’s needs and driving them towards success. Recognized with prestigious awards for her contributions to education and the welding sector, Heather’s philosophy is simple: provide a hands-on, adaptive learning experience that sets The Ocean Corporation apart. As she leads the next generation of welders and industry professionals, Heather’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation charts a course for future success, embodying the core values and mission of The Ocean Corporation.

Isaac Jimenez

John Godfrey

John Godfrey’s career, which began with an ad in a Dive magazine leading to enrollment at The Ocean Corporation, is marked by diverse and profound experiences ranging from offshore salvage operations to preparing astronauts at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab. Proud of his entire career, John transitioned to teaching to share his vast knowledge and stay closer to family. His teaching philosophy is deeply personal and interactive, aiming to engage students at an individual level and ensure they retain and comprehend the lessons thoroughly. Outside of teaching, his hobbies like model building and woodworking reflect the patience and precision he imparts to his students. John Godfrey’s journey from deep-sea diving to empowering future divers at The Ocean Corporation showcases his passion for the field and dedication to educating the next generation.

Kenneth Hill

Kenneth Hill is a seasoned instructor at The Ocean Corporation, where he leverages a diverse professional background spanning from drafting and design to quality control and NDT inspection. His extensive experience includes roles as a Quality Control Lead at Piping Technology & Products, managing QC and HSE at JT Oilfield Manufacturing, and estimating at Cody Builders Supply. Kenneth transitioned to teaching in 2002, driven by a desire to give back to the educational community that launched his career. In the classroom, he adopts a laid-back yet engaging approach, focusing on real-world applications and interactive learning. Outside of teaching, Kenneth enjoys traveling and golf, continually engaging in professional development to stay abreast of industry advancements. His comprehensive expertise and dedication to education make him a pivotal figure in nurturing the next generation of NDT professionals.

Kevin Staley

Kirk MacLean

Kirk MacLean, a seasoned educator at The Ocean Corporation, brings over 40 years of experience as a PADI certified diver with a rich background in utility management and a profound dedication to diving instruction. Starting with an Associate Degree in Water Utilities Operations from New Mexico State University and holding utility operator certifications in both New Mexico and Texas, Kirk transitioned to diving education where he obtained numerous diving certifications and accolades, including recognition for his 35 years of service as a NAUI instructor. Kirk’s career highlights include deep dives in the Great Lakes and Caribbean, alongside his work as a YMCA Instructor Trainer. An avid underwater photographer and videographer, Kirk enriches his teaching with real-world experiences and a passion for the aquatic environment. His approach in the classroom is focused on clear, engaging, and interactive teaching, aiming to ensure every student not only understands but retains the material long-term. His commitment to the field is evidenced by his NASASPS certification, highlighting his excellence in professional education.

Omar Latiff

Patrick Zeitler

Patrick Zeitler; Director of Business Development at The Ocean Corporation. His career is a testament to his profound dedication and passion for the marine and commercial diving industries. From his early realization of love for the demanding yet rewarding life of diving through significant roles that spanned from the depths of cold-water dives to executive leadership, Patrick has embodied a career marked by resilience, innovation, and a deep commitment to safety and operational excellence. His experiences, from leading salvage operations post-hurricanes to spearheading project management in maritime operations, coupled with his philosophy of continuous learning and teaching, make him uniquely positioned to steer The Ocean Corporation towards new horizons. With an eye on the industry’s future shifts towards renewable energy and infrastructure, Patrick’s vision and leadership are poised to expand the company’s business frontiers and enrich its students’ educational journey, preparing them for the evolving challenges and opportunities of the maritime world.

Richard Johnston

Richard Johnston’s distinguished career in commercial diving spans multiple decades, rooted in his legacy as a third-generation diver and enriched by his diverse roles across the industry. Transitioning from an acclaimed combat photographer to a prominent figure in commercial diving, Richard worked with leading companies such as McDermott, Global Divers, and Cal Dive. He was instrumental in critical projects like pipeline and subsea manifold installations. Following a career-altering injury, Richard pivoted to education, bringing his vast experience to The Ocean Corporation. For the past eight years, he has been an esteemed instructor, sharing his knowledge and insights with aspiring divers. Beyond the classroom, Richard contributes to the diving community through his articles in ADCI’s Underwater Magazine and presentations at Underwater Intervention, focusing on diving safety and efficiency. His innovations in diving gear and rescue techniques further underscore his commitment to advancing the industry. Richard Johnston’s enduring influence is felt not only in his direct contributions to commercial diving but also as a mentor and innovator, inspiring future generations to excel in this challenging field.