Kirk MacLean

Empowering the Next Generation of Divers and NDT Professionals at The Ocean Corporation

Kirk MacLean’s extensive career in commercial diving and non-destructive testing (NDT) at The Ocean Corporation is deeply rooted in a life-long passion for diving and a robust educational background. With over 40 years as a NAUI/PADI certified diver, Kirk has explored diverse underwater environments, from high-altitude diving and Great Lakes shipwrecks to Caribbean adventures. His career began with a foundational education in Water Utilities Operations, earning an Associate Degree from New Mexico State University in 1980, followed by 16 years in municipal utilities operations and management in New Mexico and Texas.

Diverse Certifications and Teaching Milestones

Kirk’s journey in professional diving education is marked by numerous milestones. He earned his Advanced (NAUI/PADI), Rescue (NAUI/PADI), and Divemaster (NAUI/PADI) certifications in 1985 and became a NAUI Instructor/Trainer in 1989. His commitment to diving instruction was recognized with a NAUI recognition pin for 35 years of service in 2024. Further, in 1996, Kirk became a YMCA Silver and SLAM Instructor, and two years later, a YMCA Instructor Trainer/DAN O2 Instructor, even serving as the State Coordinator for Texas for the YMCA Scuba Program.

Transition to The Ocean Corporation

After a successful tenure in environmental and utilities management, Kirk applied his profound experience and passion for diving by joining The Ocean Corporation, where he expanded his expertise in commercial diving and NDT. “I wanted to make a career change to another field,” Kirk explains, reflecting his desire for new challenges and opportunities to give back through education. He has been instrumental in teaching a variety of diving and safety courses, emphasizing a teaching philosophy that combines direct instruction with engagement, ensuring students understand and retain critical information.

Contributions and Innovations in Education

Kirk continues to stay updated with industry standards by attending ASNT and diving seminars and participating in online continuing education. His innovative approaches in the classroom focus on simplifying complex materials and encouraging interactive learning. He is proud of helping students overcome challenges, noting, “It always makes me feel good when a student makes a positive comment to me about my class.”

Personal Interests and Professional Influence

An accomplished underwater photographer and videographer, Kirk’s passion for capturing the beauty of the aquatic world enriches his teaching, providing students with a unique perspective on the underwater environments they study. His achievements include the NASASPS – “Certified Higher Education Professional Excellence in Teaching” Certificate, underscoring his excellence in academic instruction.

Kirk MacLean’s enduring influence at The Ocean Corporation is not only marked by his direct contributions to commercial diving but also through his role as a mentor and educator, inspiring future generations to explore and excel in this challenging field.