George White

From Industry Expert to Esteemed Instructor at The Ocean Corporation

George White’s nondestructive testing (NDT) career is marked by a rich tapestry of professional experiences and a deep commitment to advancing the industry through education. As an instructor at The Ocean Corporation, George brings over 15 years of progressive NDT experience and a profound dedication to molding the next generation of technicians. His journey began with a significant career in the dynamic oil and gas industry, enriched by his passion for diving and underwater exploration.

Early Inspirations and Educational Pursuits

George was initially captivated by the world of Nondestructive Testing due to the intriguing possibility of using advanced technology to inspect and ensure the integrity of vital components without causing damage. His educational journey in NDT started at The Ocean Corporation, where he graduated in 2005, marking a pivotal moment that solidified his path in this field. He further enriched his knowledge by recertifying in MT, PT, and UT Level I and II with San Jacinto College, continually driven by the high demand for skilled NDE Technicians in various industries.

Distinguished Career and Contributions

Before transitioning to teaching, George worked extensively as a third-party inspector, collaborating with prominent companies like Noble Energy, McDermott International, and Murphy Oil Corporation. His role often involved critical vendor inspections and surveillance for Umbilical Manufacturers, where he ensured the utmost quality and compliance of equipment used in substantial offshore drilling operations. His work not only showcased his technical skills but also his leadership in promoting safety and quality assurance across projects.

Teaching Philosophy and Classroom Engagement

Inspired to give back to the community that shaped his career, George transitioned from industry practice to teaching, driven by his longstanding love for education and a desire to keep his skills sharp. “The opportunity to always keep my tools sharpened, coupled with my unwavering love for NDT, fueled my passion for paying it forward through education,” George explains. In the classroom, he emphasizes the importance of understanding material thoroughly, fostering an interactive learning environment where he engages students with dynamic discussions and practical applications.

Preparing Students for Future Challenges

George is acutely aware of the evolving landscape in NDT and prepares his students for future challenges by integrating the latest advancements, such as phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) and ultrasonic testing (UT) shear wave, into the curriculum. He stays updated on emerging technologies and industry trends through active participation in ASNT, ensuring his teaching methods and materials are cutting-edge.

Personal Interests and Broader Impact

Outside of his professional life, George enjoys traveling with his family, working out, and engaging in continuous self-improvement. These activities not only enrich his life but also reflect in his teaching, where he brings enthusiasm, dedication, and a balanced perspective to his students.

George White’s role at The Ocean Corporation is not just as an instructor but also as a mentor and industry advocate. He inspires students to pursue excellence in NDT with the same passion and integrity that he has demonstrated throughout his distinguished career.