Devon Crosby

From Diver to Project Management Luminary at The Ocean Corporation

Devon Crosby’s journey in the commercial diving and welding industry is a narrative of exceptional growth, marked by a swift transition from an accomplished diver to a senior project manager at Oceaneering International Inc., one of the most prestigious and well-respected companies in the world. This remarkable ascent is not just a testament to Devon’s skill and dedication but also highlights his profound impact on safety and operational excellence in some of the most challenging underwater environments.

A Foundation Built on Safety and Professionalism

Devon’s early career was deeply influenced by the ethos of safety and professionalism, principles that he encountered while working alongside seasoned professionals. “I was fortunate to work around professionals that cared about their co-workers and prioritized safety,” Devon shares, reflecting on the experiences that shaped his approach to both diving and project management. His fascination with the idea of welding subsea, combined with the allure of being compensated for such thrilling work, set the stage for what would become a distinguished career in the industry.

Rapid Rise through the Ranks

Devon’s career trajectory took a significant turn at Oceaneering International Inc., where he rapidly advanced from a hands-on diver to a senior project manager overseeing offshore projects. This role saw him managing and documenting offshore projects valued at over $100 million. Devon’s ability to navigate the inherent risks of offshore operations, develop project documentation, and maintain stringent safety protocols underscores his exceptional leadership and project management skills.

Impactful Teaching through Hands-on Experience

Transitioning from industry practice to teaching, Devon was inspired by mentors like Jeff Brown, who saw the potential in him to share his vast knowledge with the next generation. At The Ocean Corporation, Devon leverages his real-world experiences to enrich his teaching, providing students with invaluable insights into the challenges and rewards of commercial diving and project management. His teaching philosophy centers on hands-on learning and collaborative problem-solving, preparing students not just to pass exams but to thrive in their careers and become subject matter experts.

Emphasizing Safety and Innovation

With a proud record of participating in over 100+ projects without any significant injuries, Devon’s focus on safety is unwavering. His journey exemplifies the importance of meticulous coordination, risk mitigation, and the adoption of new technologies in maintaining operational excellence. Devon’s story from diver to project manager and educator encapsulates his commitment to innovation, safety, and the empowerment of students, embodying The Ocean Corporation’s mission to navigate excellence and dive into success.

As Devon Crosby continues to inspire and educate future professionals at The Ocean Corporation, his story remains a beacon of exceptional career growth, dedication to safety, and the transformative power of education in the commercial diving and welding industry.